Copyright info

So you looked for what my copyright is about.

Well in common, if you are a private person and are interested in sharing my pictures by a sharing button on a social website I manage, the by all means welcome to do so.

If we made an agreement about the use, then no explicit arrangement is all pictures are with reference to “Allan Niss,” or “Thanks to Allan Niss,”

If you are a media with no previous business with me, you might want to write to me, using the contact form to work out a deal.

If you already violated my copyright, by downloading, modifying, inform me and we will work out a pay, else when I discover the use, the bill will be greater due to loss of interest on the cash

If you are making fun, using it with intent to hurt people, then I will send you a bill, with a contribution part to a the help organisation I see fit for the insult